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A priest and an old woman could end up in jail for celebrating a wedding with a dying 93-year-old millionaire

An Italian priest and a septuagenarian woman They face 16 months and 4 years in jail, respectively, for marrying a 93-year-old dying millionaire, accused...

The world list of millionaires is reduced by 0.1% after the pandemic but they grow in China, the United States and Germany

The number of people with a wealth of more than a million dollars has fallen with the pandemic, but only slightly, in about 56,000...

The millionaire Ricardo Salinas, critical of confinement, contracts coronavirus: "Positive for Covid, no to karma"

After a strong criticism against confinement and having called not to fear the coronavirus, the tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of important companies such...

What is the ‘rule of awkward silence’ used by millionaires like Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook

On many occasions, when someone asks us a challenging or important question, we tend to respond quickly, but that can make us regret what...
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