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Mikko Leppilampi looks 10 years younger – Some wonders: “There is nothing more to Alko”

Mikko Leppilampi has transformed into a film character and divided the image of the end result into something.Moni Mikko Leppilammen, 42, the successor must...

Mikko Leppilampi and Beata Papp openly shuffle: “Lovely you”

The video published by Mikko Leppilampi is admired in Some.Presenter and actor Mikko Leppilampi, 42, and her partner Miss Beauty Beata Papp, 25, will...

Did you notice? A dull gesture from the fallen Shirly Karvinen in RTD – the final dances were not danced

On Sunday, Shirly Karvinen dropped out of Dancing with the Stars.Close-eyed TV viewers noticed on Sunday night how an attempt was made to lure...

Mikko Leppilampi published a rare picture with his ex-wife and daughter – 14-year-old Lilia delights next to her parents

The daughter of presenter Mikko Leppilampi got on the weekend. Actor-presenter Mikko Leppilampi published a rare picture on Instagram in honor of the moment,...
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