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The silence of Mike Pence

A day after Democrat Joe Biden was declared the winner of the US elections, the outgoing president, Donald Trump, continued this Sunday without acknowledging...

Trump, increasingly alone: ​​the support of his own is cracking

The tirade delivered this Thursday by the President of the United States, Donald Trump - in which, once again, he report voter fraud without...

White House chief of staff: “US will not control pandemic”

"We will not control the pandemic. The things we will control will be in areas of mitigation, such as providing vaccines and treatment regimens,"...

Five corona infections in Vice President Mike Pence’s circle – continues to campaign

Five people vice president Mike Pension a related party has been infected with the corona. With the Pence Personnel Manager Marc Shortilla was...

Former White House chief of staff says Trump is the “most flawed” person he’s ever met

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, did not leave a good memory for his former chief of staff, former Marine John Kelly,...
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