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Asylum and migration: EU and Greece agree on a brand new camp in Lesvos in September 2021

After the destruction of the insanitary Moria camp, the most important in Europe, a provisional camp was established on the Greek island of Lesbos....

Moral superiority and clan culture

In September 2020, a statement from national police chief Mats Löfving on Swedish state radio stirred up a lot of dust, drawing attention to...

Romanian pleaded guilty to Vietnamese migrants found dead in England’s industrial park

The victims - eight women and 31 men and boys between the ages of 15 and 44 - were found dead on October 23...

the eight short films in competition, viewable from today in streaming

The Carbonia Film Festival 2020 presents eight short films in competition, all viewable in streaming on the official website until 11 October. ...

The Swiss opposed the restriction of immigration in a referendum in clear numbers

After all the votes had been counted, it became clear that the Swiss wanted immigration from the EU to continue without restrictions.The anti-immigration referendum...
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