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A meteor causes a spectacular explosion when coming into the ambiance in Japan

Japan skilled an episode extra widespread in motion pictures final Sunday than in actuality. And it's that the central area of Kanto, north...

A scientist ship films the destruction of a meteorite by surprise

The Investigator research vessel, operated by Australia's national scientific agency, CSIRO, captured amazing images of a meteorite breaking over the ocean near Tasmania.The vision...

European scientists discover a new mineral in a lunar meteorite that they have named ‘donwilhelmsite’

A European scientific team has discovered a new mineral in a lunar meteorite, A rare finding that could help better understand the effects of...

The meteor was recently on a collision course with Europe, but it bounced from the atmosphere back into space – watch the video

On Tuesday morning, September 22, a smaller meteor was on a collision course with Central Europe, but it bounced from the atmosphere back into...

Experts reveal the origin of the mysterious diamonds embedded within a meteorite fallen to Earth

The mystery of the discovery of diamonds inside the ureilite meteorites seems to have been solved by the professor's science team Fabrizio Nestola from...
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