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The embarrassed F1 driver took his mistakes heavily – his heart broke with a broken heart: “The biggest mistake of my career”

George Russell lost an excellent seam to grab the first World Cup points of his career.Williamsin George Russellin the magnificently advanced race in Imola...

Lewis Hamilton shook: “I don’t know if I’ll be next year”

The Mercedes stable star driver still does not have a contract for next season.Dominating the F1 series Lewis Hamilton pondered her future in the...

Fierce drama in Imola! A really difficult race for Valtteri Bottas, a hard rise for Räikkönen

Valtteri Bottas was second after the colorful stages.The F1 series was run on Sunday in Imola after a 14-year break. There was enough...

Great, Valtteri! Bottas conquered the pole position in Imola – Kimi Räikkönen beat his abandoned round

Valtteri Bottas will start in the first square of the Imola race.In a time trial, Mercedes took over the pole position of Imola GP...

Scary news from Mercedes for other stables – an incomprehensible amount of horsepower in the permit

The German brand has honed even better from its excellent power source.The Mercedes, which dominates the F1 series, does not give up the power...
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