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Mercedes-Benz Virgil Abloh Project off-road vehicle

On Monday, September 14, the extreme-looking Mercedes G-Class SUV, dreamed up and built by Louis Vuitton’s men’s art director, Virgil Abloh, in close...

One of Britain’s richest men hitting the big stack table – buying a Mercedes F1 stable?

Ineos is already one of the main sponsors of Mercedes.Familiar with Formula 1 circuits Eddie Jordan tells of a rather succulent rumor in Sunday’s...

EU automotive recalls in the 37th week of 2020

The European Commission publishes a list of durable consumer goods, including automotive recalls, that have recently been recalled in the EU. ...

Lewis Hamilton “plays and pulls” a huge pay rise from Mersu: “He asks for five million more”

Mercedes is grimacing, but in front of superstar Lewis Hamilton, even the car giant is humbling.When talking about the F1 driver market, one free...

Scary: that’s why the chassis of young cars can break

Ford Puma MHEVDate of manufacture of the vehicles concerned by the recall: 11.11.2019-20.07.20.The hybrid battery connectors were not tightened to the factory specifications....
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