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Now the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is the fastest production car on the Nürburgring

In July 2018, the Lamborghini arrived at the Nürburgring to break the record of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, fine-tuned by Manthey-Racing, with...

Scary news from Mercedes for other stables – an incomprehensible amount of horsepower in the permit

The German brand has honed even better from its excellent power source.The Mercedes, which dominates the F1 series, does not give up the power...

Mercedes Director-General gave the best news of the F1 series for some time – the future of Gin’s hard estimate

Ola Källenius sees the future of the F1 series as very bright.CEO of the car brand Mercedes Ola Källenius to give full support to...

Demonstration: Brabus Rocket 900

With 3.2 seconds of acceleration, the 639-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4matic + 4 doors is all but slow. He’s actually at...

Lewis Hamilton’s number one GP in the eventful GP – a complete disaster for the Valtteri Bottas race

In Finnish terms, the race left a sour aftertaste.Lewis Hamilton drove to the eventful Eifel GP victory. Left the pile Valtteri Bottas had...
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