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Machu Picchu dazzles in its reopening as a safe destination

The silence reigning in Macchu Picchu During its long closure due to the covid-19 pandemic, it finally broke this Sunday with a nightly...

Peru opened Machu Picchu to a Japanese tourist stuck in the ground because of a corona

Japanese Jesse Katayama arrived in Peru in March and was scheduled to visit the country’s most famous attraction, Machu Picchu.The ancient Inca city is...

Machu Picchu reopens for a Japanese tourist who had been waiting to enter since March

His name is Jesse Takayama and, finally, he has been able to fulfill his dream: visit Machu Picchu. And it has done it...

Peru opened Machu Picchu after a long break – only one tourist entered

The ruins of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru are a popular tourist destination, which is why Peru has sought to...
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