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The 5 great winners of Spain’s win over Germany

Many accused the Spanish selection not to excite, and reason was not lacking. The goal was slow to arrive, the pressure was diluted...

Luis Enrique: "I said that my team put me and it was not a pose"

The national soccer coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, was proud after Spain's defeat of Germany (6-0) and claimed his plan for the national team. ...

Memes are primed with Germany after receiving the "first vaccine" from Spain

Germany took the biggest correction in its recent history (they had not lost 6-0 since 1931, against Austria) and they could not miss the...

Spain signs the biggest win in its history against a world champion team

The Spanish selection signed a memorable night that will go down in history: he endorsed an incontestable 6-0 to Germany in an official match,...

Enrique will only reveal to players just before kick-off who will stand against Germany

National coach Luis Enrique is currently keeping a secret who is under the bar with Spain on Tuesday evening in the crucial Nations League...
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