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Marc Gasol, following in the footsteps of his brother in the Lakers … but without being for LeBron what Pau was for Bryant

The Gasol paths in the NBA they do not stop crossing. Both began their careers in the Memphis Grizzlies, where they are already...

Un Gasol returns to the Lakers: Marc’s challenges to be able to compare himself with Pau in Los Angeles

Marc Gasol has starred in the sports news from Sunday morning to Monday at close his transfer to Los Angeles Lakers. The Spanish...

Gasol to the Lakers and Ibaka, to the Clippers: the Raptors are left without Spaniards

The Los Angeles Lakers completed this Sunday the transfer of center JaVale McGee and the rights of a second selection to the Cleveland Cavaliers,...

More tension for the future of Marc Gasol: the last three NBA champions want him in their team

The Marc Gasol's free agency is raising a lot of excitement and interest from various franchises in hiring the starting center of the penultimate...

The Lakers cause an earthquake in the NBA that can end Marc Gasol in Los Angeles

The NBA's free agency opened this week and after draft night, the The league's transfer market hasn't stopped shaking night after night. The...
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