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Mercedes-AMG E-Class 2021 | Lead

The top-of-the-line versions of the E 63 4MATIC +, available in 571 or 612 horsepower, and the more modest 435-horsepower E 53 4MATIC...

Hyundai i30 N 2020 | Lead

Hyundai has made its sports car more exciting with its eight-speed, oil-bath dual-clutch transmission. The N DCT unit can only be ordered...

BMW M3 M4 premier | Vezess

Contrary to previous assumptions, BMW’s mid-range sports car pair arrives with rear-wheel drive and manual transmission. The 510-horsepower Competition version of the...

Lexus LS 2021 facelift details

The front bumper has been subtly redrawn, the interior surfaces of the grille have been given a darker shade, the headlights have a...

Dodge Durango Pursuit és Charger Pursuit

With a six-cylinder, 3.6-liter petrol engine, or the legendary 5.8 V8 Hemi block, Dodge’s two new police interceptor vehicles, the Durango Pursuit and...
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