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Colin Kaepernick calls for the release of a Black Panther sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a policeman

Colin Kaepernick not only is he one of the most committed American athletes to the cause of 'Black Lives Matter', but also leads that...

The children of ‘Chapo’ Guzmán install a makeshift school in the middle of the street in Culiacán

The pandemic is leaving behind those who have the least resources. In Mexico, with all schools closed, the education gets complicated for those...

Greek justice condemns the leadership of the neo-Nazi formation Golden Dawn to 13 years in prison for “criminal gang”

The Athens Court of Appeal issued this Wednesday penalties of 13 years in prison for the leader of the Greek neo-Nazi formationGolden Dawn, Nikolaos...

The far-right group Wolverines Vigilantes arrested for planning the kidnapping and murder of the governor of Michigan

Seven people linked to a far-right militia have been arrested and charged with planning the kidnapping and possible murder of the Governor of Michigan...
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