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Torture, unsanitary conditions and forced labor in North Korea

The system pre-trial detention in North Korea has become a catalyst for torture, unsanitary conditions Y forced labor, as witnessed by 46 North...

VIDEO Unusual scene in Pyongyang: Dictator Kim Jong-un, in tears in front of his soldiers

The North Koreans thus witnessed a very unusual scene. The supreme commander delivered this speech - unexpectedly - at a huge military parade, organized over...

Kim Jong-un has tearfully assured that North Korea has “not a single victim” of coronavirus

Kim Jong-un, at times through tears, has once again assured that North Korea has not detected a single case of Covid-19 and thanked the...

North Korea celebrates – ex-agent’s new book reveals: this is how child-faced Kim Jong-un strengthened his leadership with public executions

The dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-unista is a baked image in the West as a childish and simple leader. However, it is...
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