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Teams meeting did not change the situation: “Russia is likely to bring the team it nominated to the Karelia tournament”

The EHT countries discussed the situation on Thursday night. Russia's intention to participate in the Karelia tournament with the U20 national team has tightened...

Here are the Lions for the Karelia tournament: Finnish team full of first-timers, Jokers on the sidelines

As many as 12 first-timers are involved.Head coach Jukka Jalonen chose as many as 12 first-timers to join the Finnish team in the Karelia...

Rotenberg does not bend – Russia comes to Helsinki with a junior team

Russia does not intend to exchange its players for the Karelia tournament.Vice-chairman of the Russian Hockey Federation and GM of the men's national team...

SM League quarantines national team leaders after the Karelian tournament – games will be missed

The opening Karelia tournament of the Euro Hockey Tour will be held under the guise of strict security measures.The Karelia tournament will be played...

Russia gimmicked with player selections – even threatening to close the Karelia tournament: “What’s going on there?”

Unless Russia changes its player selections to next week’s Karelia tournament, it may even be excluded from the tournament.Helsinki Hartwall-Arena 5–8. The first...
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