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Macron has a cough, fatigue and fever and has remoted himself exterior the Elysee after testing optimistic for Covid

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, optimistic for coronavirus, have a cough, fever, and tiredness and can spend the quarantine interval within the official...

Pornhub, accused of permitting the dissemination of juvenile pornography. The Authorities of Canada is beneath strain to take motion

Journalist Nicholas Kristof writes in Friday's subject of the New York Instances that Pornhub permits on its platform movies exhibiting rape and sexual assault,...

What’s the Nice Reset of Capitalism, the conspiracy theory-manifesto related to the financial program promised by Joe Biden

The Nice Reset is an initiative of the World Financial Discussion board written by its founder, and has three parts: a fairer and extra...

Justin Trudeau congratulates Nancy Pelosi on congressional reelection

Two days after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin trudeau, became the first international leader to speak with the president-elect of the United States,...

Trudeau on violence in France: “Freedom of expression has its limits”

Prime Minister of Canada Justin trudeau to take a stand on the violence that has shocked France by speaking out in favor of freedom...
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