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Brexit: The British Prime Minister accuses the EU of wanting to impose a food blockade. Ireland denies

Boris Johnson's government announced this week that it plans to ignore international law by partially violating the withdrawal treaty signed in January, when the...

An abrupt ‘Brexit’ on the horizon eliseo oliveras

The abrupt break between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) at the end of the year seems the most likely outcome...

The ‘brexiit’ and the Good Friday peace accords

The current challenge for London to skip part of the commitments made to the EU in the Brexit plan particularly affects Northern Ireland...

the photo portraying Ireland’s ‘anticovid’ measures that has gone viral

A man takes his pint of 'Guiness' while clocking with an alarm clock the time he has left before he has to leave the...

Ireland loses European Trade Commissioner to Latvia. What he received in return

"I have decided to nominate the Irishwoman Mairead McGuinness (...) for the post of Commissioner for Financial Services and the Capital Market. ...
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