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New avalanche kills three brothers in Nicaragua due to hurricane Iota

Three siblings, two of them minors, died in Nicaragua in a landslide caused by heavy rains from Hurricane Iota, which has left at...

Paradise lost: hurricane Iota tears apart the Colombian island of Providencia

The island, part of the archipelago made up of San Andrés and Santa Catalina, was devastated. There are two dead and one missing.From...

Iota enters Honduras weakened but with rain bands

The tropical storm Iota entered Honduras tonight through the eastern department of El Paraíso, bordering Nicaragua, weakened and with a movement of movement...

Hurricane Iota destroyed the Nicaraguan Caribbean, flooded the Pacific and hit the islands of Colombia hard

In Nicaragua it arrived with category 5, although it was later downgraded to 1. In the Colombian Providencia, it punished an isolated population.Hurricane Iota...

Colombia: Hurricane Iota devastates infrastructure on the island of Providencia

The Caribbean island of Providencia, which is part of the Colombian archipelago of San Andrés, it was devastated by the passage of hurricane...
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