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An individual with a truck in which he carried weapons had Joe Biden on his to-do list

A teenager arrested in the state of North Carolina (USA) with a van in which he was carrying weapons and explosives prowled about four...

A worker at the Moroccan hospital ‘Ibn Sina’ arrested for trying to rape a patient

The Moroccan police arrested, last Monday, a worker from the Ibn Sina public hospital in Rabat, after he will try to rape a patient...

The first toilet paper vending machine is installed in Germany by the Covid

A new toilet paper vending machine has come into operation in Düsseldorf (west of Germany) due to the recrudescence of pandemic in the country...

A young man loses a bag with 40,000 euros worth of cocaine on the train … and calls the Police to find it

Like any citizen, young Dubliner Darren Barnwell asked the police for help when he claughed having lost a bag on the train that took...

A woman spits on a passenger on the bus and he reacts by throwing her off with a push

TWITTER23.10.2020 - 11: 18hAuthorities are investigating a possible racist assault that took place on a bus in Vancouver, in Canada. A passenger who was...
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