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Philippine Scientists Say Coconut Oil Kills COVID-19 Virus

He virgin coconut oil help to destroy covid-19 virus so it can be useful as an antiviral against disease caused by the new coronavirus,...

Hundreds of protesters in Indonesia arrested in protest against labor law

For the third day in a row, thousands of people in Indonesia took to the streets to demonstrate against a new labor law. ...

300 arrested in the second day of labor protests

The Indonesian police reported that they arrested about 300 protesters during the second day of protests in Indonesia against a legislative reform that...

The Chinese Sinovac vaccine could begin to be applied massively in the first months of 2021

The president of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, Yin Weidong, assured this Thursday that his vaccine against the coronavirus, one of the most advanced...

A drug convict sentenced to death escaped from prison in Indonesia through sewers

Chinese Cai Changpan, 37, was sitting in a death cell prison on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. He had been sentenced...
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