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Greece to open a brand new refugee middle on Lesbos in September 2021

The European Comission Y Greece have agreed to open a new middle from reception from refugees on the island of Lesbos initially of...

Border closure leads Venezuelans to flee by way of unlawful steps

The closure of land borders as a result of pandemic has led Venezuelans to flee your nation by trails - unlawful border crossings,...

Deserted girls in entrance of the Beirut consulates

On the gates of consulate of Kenya Kenyans are accumulating. Within the of Ethiopia, Ethiopians. Within the of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi. ...

“The mafias inform immigrants that there’s work in Europe as a result of Covid has killed many individuals”

Ismail, who has come to Mauritania from Congo-Brazzaville with the plan in his head and concern in his physique of getting on a canoe,...

Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta call the migration plan “unbalanced”

The proposal on asylum and immigration presented at the end of last September by the European Commission is a "good starting point" but...
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