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Donald Trump’s government appeals the ruling that prohibits the expulsion of immigrant children

The White House argues that it is due to a public health problem due to the coronavirus. Harsh response from human rights defenders.The...

Harsh expulsion of illegal aliens as well as an evening of heck in the heart of Paris

The cops evicted, along with teargas as well as batons, five hundred travelers, that possessed no place to oversleep the center of the...

Trump purchased the acquisition of 21 kilometers of exclusive property for the boundary wall surface along with Mexico

The Management of the outbound United States Head of state, Donald Trump, purchased due to the fact that his appearance to electrical power...

Biden, to immigrants who hoped to find political stability in the US: “Hold on, I’m here”

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, called patience this Thursday to those immigrants who came to their country in search of political...

Mogán gets fed up and takes 200 immigrants left to their fate in its streets to Las Palmas

The situation in the Canary Islands is unsustainable. The boats do not stop arriving and more and more immigrants are stranded on land...
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