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Hurricane season in the Atlantic breaks new records with 30 named storms

A normal season is usually 12. And while this season ends on November 30, tropical storms may continue.The extremely active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season...

Hurricanes and coronavirus, the cocktail that unleashes a new migratory wave from Central America to the United States.

In addition to poverty and violence, the pandemic and the destruction of storms Iota and Eta in recent weeks expelled thousands of people from...

New avalanche kills three brothers in Nicaragua due to hurricane Iota

Three siblings, two of them minors, died in Nicaragua in a landslide caused by heavy rains from Hurricane Iota, which has left at...

UNICEF warns of hurricane health crisis in Central America

Unicef ​​considered that it is essential to avoid health crisis in Central America, which is added to that of COVID-19, due to the...

Hurricane Iota kills at least 26 in Central America and the Caribbean

At least 26 dead and devastation left in Central America and the Caribbean Tropical Storm Iota, which dissipated on Wednesday after hitting part...
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