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France is alert when detecting bird flu in other European countries

The French government announced this Thursday that it has increased to "elevated"the alert for avian flu in the corridors of migratory birds and in...

Spain definitively joins the ‘European hunting’ project

The firm that has allowed the integration of Spain into Phase 1A of R & D & i activities and demonstrators of the program...

The moment of confusion in the middle of Wawrinka’s game: this is how they reacted to the sound of the ‘explosion’ at Roland Garros

The tremendous fright that was experienced in Paris by a 'supersonic' noise that It looked like an explosion and it set off all the...

“Don’t saturate the emergency lines!”

A military plane that broke the sound barrier on Wednesday raised fears that there had been an explosion in Paris, since the loud noise...

The Tour joins another witch hunt

The Tour de France once again gets lost in the swampy curves of doping. The prosecution of Marseille Court has opened an investigation...
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