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Sagan gets lost on the way to the hotel and gets hooked on some fans’ car to get a ride

Surreal and fun scene lived on Sunday at the Giro d'Italia. After the dispute of stage two ending in Agrigento, Peter Sagan, who...

Agencies and hotels will lose 350 million euros and 90,000 jobs due to the suspension of Imserso trips

The cancellation of the remainder of the Imserso travel season, agreed this Tuesday at the Minister council, as a consequence ofCovid-19, will be reflected...

Navalni’s surroundings suggest that he was poisoned with a bottle in his hotel room

The environment of the Russian opponent Alexei Navalni has assured that a German laboratory has found traces of a nerve agent in the bottles...

Danuel House, Houston Rockets, is expelled from the NBA bubble in Orlando for taking a woman to the hotel

Houston Rockets forward Danuel House has been expelled from the Orlando campus, where the NBA is taking place, and will not be able to...

Two footballers of the England team, expelled for taking two girls to the concentration hotel

Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood, aged 20 and 18 respectively, made their debut with England's senior team last Saturday, in a match that the...
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