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The horse racing season begins at the Zarzuela racecourse in Madrid with a capacity of 60%

He La Zarzuela racecourse in Madrid will debut this Thursday the autumn season of horse racing, with days on Friday in October that will...

The mutilation of horses in France, the work of a sect?

For seven months now, at least 50 horses were intentionally killed or maimed in France, which set the whole country on fire. The latest...
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An own goal gives Liverpool victory against Ajax

Ajax lost at home to Liverpool's visit to the Champions League return with a lone Tagliafico own goal.var widget_besoccer_5f90a14bd623a_0=new pym.Parent("widget_besoccer_5f90a14bd623a_0","https://widgets.besoccerapps.com/scripts/widgets?type=match_info&match=155782&season=2021&style=20minutos",{});var widget_besoccer_5f90a14bd6278_1=new pym.Parent("widget_besoccer_5f90a14bd6278_1","https://widgets.besoccerapps.com/scripts/widgets?type=match_nav&match=155782&season=2021&tabs=1&style=20minutos",{}); ...