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Press affiliated with the communist regime in Beijing, ironic after the violence in Washington: “Style the karma of your individual double requirements”

Xi Jinping's loyal media commented bitterly on the chaos scenes on the Capitol and drew a parallel between the state of affairs in Washington...

Chinese language authorities have arrested greater than 50 opponents in Hong Kong. The EU’s response

Fifty-three pro-democracy activists and former Hong Kong lawmakers "have been arrested on suspicion of undermining," the South China Morning Submit reported, citing a police...

Hong Kong Police arrest about 50 opposition politicians and activists

Hong Kong Police arrest at this time at fifty opposition politicians and activists for his alleged violation of the controversy Nationwide Safety Legislation,...

Mass arrests towards the opposition in Hong Kong

Police detain 50 politicians and activists accused of violating the controversial nationwide safety regulation promoted by Beijing About fifty politicians from the opposition and...

Jail for the ten fugitive Hong Kongers fleeing to Taiwan

All ten Hong Kong fugitives arrested within the sea once they fled to Taiwan They had been sentenced this morning to sentences starting...
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