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US elections 2020. Trump or Biden, what polls say in key states. When will we find out the winner?

Joe Biden has an advance of less than 10 percent nationally and surpasses Clinton in voting intentions in key states, but the current US...

Four in 10 Americans believe Donald Trump will not accept defeat, according to the latest Ipsos / Reuters poll

At the same time, 22% of Biden supporters and 16% of Trump supporters, respectively, said they were willing to protest if their candidate did...

The key moments of the last Trump versus Biden election debate. Where the two candidates scored

Trump blamed Biden for failing to address issues such as institutional racism in his terms as senator and vice president, portraying him as a...

US 2020 presidential election. Under Facebook restrictions, campaign teams use their own applications to collect data

The campaign teams use their own applications to collect voter data and create profiles in order to send compelling personalized messages via SMS, email...

US presidential election. Under what conditions can the army intervene for the security of the electoral process?

According to the US Constitution, the military has the role of defense against external enemies, while public order is ensured by the civilian police....
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