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Satellite images suggest that China has built bunkers in the Himalayas in an area disputed with India

China would have built bunkers and even a small village next to a river in a border area of ​​the Himalayas disputed between the...

Rain can move mountains: this is what a groundbreaking discovery reveals

The drastic effect that rain has on the evolution of mountainous landscapes is widely debated among geologists, but new research led by the University...

China and India agree not to send more troops to the Himalayan border

India and China have agreed on Tuesday not to send more troops to the border that both countries share along the Himalayas and...

China and India pledge to withdraw troops from disputed border areas

China and India announced on Friday that they want to de-escalate the conflict over the border in the Himalayas. The countries have agreed,...

China threatens India: Will suffer “more losses than in 1962”

India will face a "strong China" and should not have "illusions" about possible support from the United States, writes Global Times, the nationalist tabloid...
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