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Brazilian bodybuilder ‘Big Boy’ dies at 37 from complications of coronavirus

Tragic day for bodybuilding due to the loss of one of its greatest exponents, Víctor Luna, better known as 'Big Boy'.The 37-year-old Brazilian, very...

Casillas: "The luck is that the heart attack happened to me in training and not on the street"

Iker Casillas participated this Friday in the V National Congress against Sudden Death. A series of talks carried out online in which the...

Olympic runner-up Jordi Llopart dies at 68 after suffering a heart attack

The RFEA pointed out that the family of the ex-walker, who had been in an irreversible coma since Tuesday after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest,...

A Mexican fighter dies in combat after receiving two punches in the chest

Mourning in Mexican wrestling after Luis Ángel Salazar, "the Air Prince", lose his life in combat after receiving several impacts to the chest, causing...

A 35-year-old man dies after falling into a deep depression after learning that Trump had tested positive for Covid

Bussa Krishna, an indian farmer 35 years, he has died of cardiac arrest that has come to him in the middle of a deep...
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