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Sufficient to avoid wasting airports?

Flights "covid proof"by which, earlier than boarding, passengers make a speedy antigen take a look at. It's the wager of the airline Austrian...

Lufthansa will do free rapid tests for Covid-19 on some flights

The airline group Lufthansa will begin on November 12 first rapid tests for Covid-19 antigens on flights between Munich and Hamburg in collaboration with...

The St. Pauli reacts to the congressional photographer’s t-shirt that drew attention in the motion of no confidence

This Wednesday, during the debate on the motion of censure presented by Vox against the Government of Sánchez, there was an unexpected protagonist: Bruno...

New record in shortest measured time: 247 zeptoseconds

Atomic physicists at the University of Frankfurt have for the first time studied a process that is shorter than femtoseconds in magnitude. They...

The German Government will allocate 4,000 million euros to strengthen public health

The german government will allocate 4,000 million euros until 2026 to strengthen public health, which the federal states will have to invest in hiring...
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