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Crisis in Guatemala: budget approval suspended after wave of violent protests

It was announced by the president of Congress after a weekend of fury. The law contemplated wide cuts in sanitary subjects.The Guatemalan Congress...

The crack is installed in Guatemala with a strong dispute between the president and his vice

One axis of the fight is the national budget, rejected by the population because it takes funds away from Education and gives them to...

Organized crime and gangs adapt to pandemic in Mexico and Central America

The coronavirus pandemic makes no distinctions and has also affected the drug cartels Mexicans and gangs operating mainly in the Northern Triangle of Central...

Guatemala parliament building set on fire during demonstration

At least 14 people in the Guatemalan capital, Guatemala City, were treated for their injuries on Saturday after demonstrations against the government budget turned...

Parliament set on fire at demonstrations in Guatemala, several injured

At least 14 people were treated for injuries in Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala, on Saturday after demonstrations against the government budget for...
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