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Asylum and migration: EU and Greece agree on a brand new camp in Lesvos in September 2021

After the destruction of the insanitary Moria camp, the most important in Europe, a provisional camp was established on the Greek island of Lesbos....

Greece to open a brand new refugee middle on Lesbos in September 2021

The European Comission Y Greece have agreed to open a new middle from reception from refugees on the island of Lesbos initially of...

the pandemic triggers the arrival of migrants without a plan to control it

The Canary Islands are overflowing. The migratory crisis has been a reality for days and new arrivals of boats or cayucos are registered...

Trip caution sent out due to the Administrative agency of Foreign Matters. What is actually taking place in Greece

Thereby, on Nov 25, 2020, in between 06:00 as well as 12:00, the sky web traffic operators, in addition to various other groups of...

Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, hospitalized with covid-19 in Athens, where the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church is also hospitalized

As a precaution, his doctor recommended that he be hospitalized. Today he did not have a fever and is in good general condition...
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