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Popular game Among Us hit by major spam attack

The popular game Among Us is the victim of a major spam attack, causing in-game conversations to be inundated with commercials. The developer...

‘Among Us’ continues to break records, even in sector XXX!

The popular game 'Among Us' broke another slightly strange record. What's your opinion about it? .

What percentage of gamers have subscription services?

A recent study revealed how many people have a subscription service and how many are willing to have one ... Will subscriptions be the...

Here’s what we know about the PlayStation 5

In November, the PlayStation 4 will get a successor and almost everything about the PlayStation 5 is now known. We list the facts.When...

They post the first photo of a physical PS5 game!

Godfall was the first physical PS5 game to be released. Spoiler: It might not be identical to a PS4 game. .
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