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The Red Bull junior was finished from Formula 1

Red Bull’s smaller team, AlphaTauri, on Wednesday, sent semi-rainy conditions to motorcycle partner Honda’s Formula 2 breeder, Cunoda Yuki, on the field in...

F1: Red Bull Japanese junior on the field

Red Bull is giving a test opportunity in Imola today to Honda-backed Formula 2 rider Cunoda Juki, the Japanese junior driving an AlphaTauri...

F1: They could launch Red Bull’s Japanese favorite this year

As the Driver reported, despite Honda’s disembarkation, Cunoda Juki can still hope for a Formula 1 debut - in this case Kobajasi Kamui...

F1: Red Bull and AlphaTauri get the same engine

Honda announced last week that it will be leaving Formula 1 at the end of 2021, so there are...

F1: Vettel will have no more league titles

Ferrari announced in May that it has no plans to renew Sebastian Vettel’s contract, which expires this year. ...
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