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They reveal that the seabed was inhabited by large predatory worms

A global investigation wherein the College of Granada (UGR) has revealed that the seabed was inhabited by large predatory worms throughout the Miocene Age,...

Controversial 7-million-year-old cranium might not be as human as we thought

He primate cranium nicknamed 'Toumai', of greater than seven million years outdated, continues to talk virtually 10 years after its discovery. The query...

They discover a fossil galaxy hidden in the depths of the Milky Way

The discovery of a "fossil galaxy"Hidden deep within our own Milky Way, it can alter our understanding of how the galaxy we see today...

Shark fossil turns into mysterious pterosaur

A new species of pterosaur has been discovered by paleontologist Roy Smith of the University of Portsmouth, while searching 100-year-old collections of fossils in...

Oldest evidence of human presence found in Arabia 120,000 years ago

An international team of researchers has discovered that 120,000 years ago, the deserts of northern Arabia were a lake surrounded by lush grasslands that...
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