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How are the 2020 US elections polls going?

Electoral polls in the United States continue to give a clear victory to Joe Biden, with a difference of 7.5 points over Trump. ...

Anguishing rescue of a family at sea after their boat capsized

ATLAS AGENCY23.10.2020 - 09: 25hA family was getting ready for a leisurely boat ride in Tampa Bay, Florida. But the strong wind caused...

Florida’s Most Hated Old Man

"Ed, when you grow up you won't have friends if you're so stubborn." That's what his father used to say to Ed McGinty...

Florida is already voting, it may be up to this state to win

Says Brian Fonseca. However, according to the director of the Institute of Public Policy at the International University of Florida, competition in the...

US 2020 elections. Early voting has begun. 30 million Americans have already expressed their options

Nearly 30 million Americans voted in the November presidential election, a record-breaking record that does not take into account the coronavirus pandemic. Voters...
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