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Mikko Leppilampi’s huge income collapsed – Korona struck the merits of RTD presenter

The merits of presenter Mikko Leppilampi, who spoke openly about his giant income, have collapsed. The case is clear from the information he...

Podcast: Jethro Rostedt open about his giant fortune: “I have a few hundred apartments”

Jethro Rostedt will visit the Aki Linnanahti podcast and talk openly about his finances.Businessman from Turku Jethro Rostedt tells in a podcast about his...

Mikko Leppilampi looks 10 years younger – Some wonders: “There is nothing more to Alko”

Mikko Leppilampi has transformed into a film character and divided the image of the end result into something.Moni Mikko Leppilammen, 42, the successor must...

Jethro closes his nightclub – now tells the harsh truth about a difficult situation with no way out for a moment

Turku-based businessman Jethro Rostedt is closing the Studio nightclub for the time being.A real estate agent and businessman familiar from television Jethro Rostedt has,...

Arman Alizad poses with his little daughter in a fresh photo – Senay Coco proudly: “My Beloved”

Arman Alizad kisses his little daughter in a fresh picture.Television face Arman Alizad and her partner, makeup stylist Senay Coco are the parents of...
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