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Chrissy Teigen openly told about the death of her child – then Hillary Clinton surprised Some

Chrissy Teigen was alarmed by Clinton about her videos.Model Chrissy Teigen, 34, was her husband, a singer John Legendin, 41, with headlines a month...

Lola Odusoga’s little Christmas memory – a creative solution from a drunken female party after a toilet visit

Lola Odusoga has been involved in numerous small Christmas parties, albeit in the spirit of work.Lola Odusoga published On its Instagram website a special...

Kim Kardashian spent such birthday parties on a luxury island – this is how she justifies her decision

Entrepreneur, millionaire and social beauty Kim Kardashian is now 40 years old.Kim Kardashian, who became known to the general public as a television star,...

Sofia Belórf is looking for an apartment: “It’s really true now!”

Sofia Belórf says on Instagram she is looking for an apartment.Sofia Belórf posted an update on his Instagram account in which he says he...

Chrissy Teigen, who lost her child, explains why she published ripping pictures of her dead baby – “I don’t care if you hate them”

Teigen reveals that she persuaded her husband to be a photographer.Model Chrissy Teigen, 34, lost her third child to her husband, a singer John...
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