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The Weeknd appears with his whole face bandaged at the American Music Awards

The singer The Weeknd was awarded this Sunday at the American Music Awards for the best album by soul / R & B, an...

The human being is losing the ability to maintain balance

Humans we are losing our ability to balance over the years. Without going any further, approximately 646,000 people die from a fall, and...

They discover the first part of the body immune to the coronavirus

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine (United States) have shown that the cornea of ​​the eye can resist infectioncaused by the...

The miraculous rescue of little Elif from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey after 65 hours buried

Little Elif was saved by a miracle by chance added to the faultless work of the firefighters. In the city of Izmir, hard...

Three-year-old Elif rescued alive after spending 65 hours under the rubble of the Izmir earthquake

Rescue teams They have managed to save two minors this Monday -one of them a three-year-old girl- who had endured for more than...
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