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The advice of Miguel Lozano, world runner-up, to start practicing sport apnea

Safety, technique and knowledge are key to starting the practice of all sports disciplines, be it freediving or underwater fishing, in which between 30...

Miguel Lozano, world runner-up, helps COPD patients: "Sport apnea teaches you to breathe to do it more efficiently"

The biggest obvious thing for living beings is that they need to breathe, something that in 2020 has become a challenge for millions of...

Miguel Lozano, world runner-up: "Sport apnea teaches you to breathe to do it more efficiently"

Miguel Lozano is runner-up in the world of freediving in the free immersion discipline. He has gone down 122 meters, only three less...

"Willpower, the desire to improve and the ability to suffer" they are the recipe of a boxing champion

With thirteen professional victories and a single defeat, Ezequiel Gurría Ortigas won the title of champion of the super welterweight division in Spain last...

Cardio, before or after weights?

The exercise options that are provided when entering a gym range from purely aerobic activities to exclusive strength training. To combine one with the...
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