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A higher quality of carbohydrates could prevent the risk of breast cancer

A study of CIBER of Obesity and Nutrition (Ciberobn) ensures that a greater carbohydrate quality ingested is associated with a lower risk to suffer...

Sweet is also for athletes: three proposals to enjoy dessert … without giving up protein!

Sport and diet are a combo that should not be understood separately. While it is true that physical activity has innumerable benefits for...

Can you speed up your metabolism with diet and exercise?

It is a query that usually appears among those who lose weight. Tips.While maintaining a healthy weight is good for your health and...

Three benefits of including elastic bands in your workouts and how to get one for less than 10 euros

Until a few months ago, having a gym at home was (almost) unthinkable, since we always exercised outdoor, either in a sports center or...

Greece announces a 3-week house lockdown just 2 days after curfew is set

Greece follows the path taken by France and other European countries and announces a greater restriction of movement of its population. Greek Prime...
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