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Esteban Ocon: You should not swap to new tires

Esteban Ocon on the outcomes of qualifying in Bahrain and expectations from the subsequent weekend -...

Esteban Ocon: Daniel came up and apologized

In Bahrain, Esteban Ocon said that his team-mate Daniel Riccardo apologized for the incident at the...

Esteban Ocon: The first night race of the season awaits

Renault racer Esteban Ocon told about the tasks that the team will have to solve at...

Esteban Ocon: We are better prepared for the unexpected

At the FIA ​​press conference in Istanbul Park, Esteban Okon was asked if the same situation...

Esteban Ocon: We must perform well in Turkey

Esteban Ocon has not played on the Istanbul circuit before. In an interview, the Renault...
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