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Namibia places 170 elephants up on the market

Drought-stricken Namibia has put 170 reside elephants up on the market to restrict their numbers, as a consequence of rising conflicts over area...

Kaavan, the ‘lonely elephant’ who has spent 35 years in a Pakistani zoo, to be launched in Cambodia

The Kaavan elephant spent his final day on the Islamabad zoo on Sunday the place He has lived locked up for 35 years in...

Spectacular rescue to lift an elephant from a well

A wild elephant that fell into a deep well in india was saved after a impressive operation what needed fifty rescuers and one...

George Balanchine: the choreographer who made elephants dance in tutus

He was the creator of the New York City Ballet. And with Igor Stravinsky they wrote a play for 50 of those animals....

New extinct species of giant monk seal of 200 kilos and 2.5 meters discovered in New Zealand

Scientists from an Australian University have discovered a hitherto unknown species of gigantic monk seal, which lived three million years ago in the Southern...
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