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Tension and turnout soar in the United States on Election Day

One day before the elections next Tuesday, November 3, the US election campaign has raised the tension one notch between the Republican candidate, Donald...

Trump launches into a marathon of rallies to soar in the polls

The electoral campaign in the United States entered its last two days with the current president, Republican Donald Trump, immersed in a hectic final...

Why is Trump’s party the elephant and Biden’s the donkey?

On November 3, 2020, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party of the United States will compete for the votes of the citizens in...

The US lives the most expensive electoral campaign in its history, with a total cost of 14,000 million dollars

The total cost of the electoral campaign in the United States will reach a record level of $ 14 billion (11,911 million euros), which...

USA, 2020 elections. The last week of the campaign. How are the two candidates in the polls

After the state of Pennsylvania, one of the so-called "undecided" states, President Trump has planned rallies in Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nebraska...
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