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Mike Tyson as well as Roy Jones will definitely neglect cannabis make use of in their suit

The launch procedure to the best awaited match of the year actually glances its own end. At sunrise coming from this Sunday to...

CAS raises Iannone’s doping sanction to four years

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) has raised the penalty that weighed on the Italian rider Andrea Iannone and has punished him with...

Mike Tyson remembers his tricks to pass drug tests

Mike Tyson was not an example of behavior outside the ring and, as he demonstrated before Evander Holyfield, not inside. His irresponsibility led...

Cocaine, cannabis, heroin or ecstasy will no longer be doping substances if the positive is out of competition

The Council of the Minister approved in October the Draft Organic Law to combat doping in sport in Spain, with the aim of adapting...

Christian Coleman, world champion of 100 meters, sanctioned until 2022 for missing three anti-doping controls

The American Christian Coleman, valid 100 meter world champion, you will not be able to compete again until May 14, 2022, after the athletics...
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