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Donald Trump Junior da positivo por coronavirus

El hijo mayor de Donald Trump, Donald Trump Junior, has tested positive in a coronavirus detection test and is currently in isolation, a case...

Donald Trump Jr. says that deaths from Covid in the US have been reduced to “almost nothing”

Donald Trump Jr., the first-born son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, He flatly stated this Thursday that deaths from Covid-19...

Who’s who in donlad trump’s family? What does each member do?

Everything that surrounds the president of the United States becomes news and, therefore, the members of his family are placed directly under the media...

Militias, disinformation and civil war drums

During the wildfire wave that ravaged the West Coast of the United States last August, it was not just the fire that spread at...

Trump is progressing “very well” from the disease and does not need assisted ventilation, according to his medical team

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, evolves favorably from Covid-19, as reported this Saturday by his doctor, Sean Conley, in the first...
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