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Man beheaded in Paris by an attacker then shot by police. The act, claimed: “To Macron, I executed one of your dogs”

The decapitated teacher's body was discovered by police while they were following a suspect they had seen with a kitchen knife. He fled,...

A dog escapes from its grave after its owners buried it alive

A healthy dog ​​that received a lethal injection and buried alive by his owners escapes from his grave and manages to survive. The animal,...

The reason why dogs move their legs while they sleep

One of the frequent habits that dogs have is that, while they sleep, they sometimes wave their paws as if they were running. What...

5,000 dead cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals found in a parcel service in China

At least 5,000 animals were found dead in a parcel service in Henan province, in central China, as reported by the Wutuobang animal association....

A boy dies 10 days after being attacked by two dogs that ripped off his genitals

A two-year-old boy has died in Ukraine from injuries caused by a brutal attack by two dogs that ripped off his genitals.The incident occurred...
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