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‘Gunnersaurus’, the Arsenal mascot fired by Covid-19 and helped by Özil, is back

This Monday there was some pleasant news for fans of the Arsenal: 'Gunnersaurus', the team mascot, returned to cheer on the players. She was...

The skeleton of an allosaurus, sold for just over three million euros

The nearly complete skeleton of a carnivorous dinosaur, which roamed the earth about 145 million years ago, now has an owner. This Tuesday,...

They discover in Spain one of the largest deposits of dinosaur eggs in the world

A team of paleontologists has discovered in the municipality of Loarre (Huesca) one of the largest dinosaur egg beds in the world, which offers...

Why birds survived the extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs

66 million years ago, a meteorite struck planet Earth, in the current Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico. This fact caused the extinction of 75%...

Paleontologists identify a second giant dinosaur in Teruel

Paleontologists from Dinópolis have identified a second giant dinosaur in Riodeva (Teruel) whose remains were found in 2007 at the San Lorenzo site, including...
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