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Momentary car casualties and the hazard of ‘zombie’ vehicles or irregular scrapping will increase

The short-term withdrawal of a car It's an administrative process that the Common Directorate of Visitors makes accessible to drivers within the occasion that,...

Will the DGT change the reflective triangles with emergency lights?

Till now, warning triangles and reflective vests have been the indispensable (and compulsory) gadgets to hold within the automobile to face an emergency or...

Fine and imprisonment for speeding on crossings

Speeding is one of the main causes of traffic accidents and has also been one of the first aspects to take into account when...

Going at 51 km / h will mean losing points on most streets from May 2021

Drivers will lose points on their license if they drive above 51 km / h on most streets in all Spanish cities as of...

Traffic drops to a fifth the alcohol tests to drivers due to the coronavirus

The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard (AGTC) has lowered this year to a fifth Breathalyzer detection tests among drivers due to the drastic...
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